If you are suffering with parking in rash hours and/or busy area e.g. city center or airport, here we might have a solution for you. With our platform, new and extra parking places are “created”in rash hours and busy area. Parking places of small companies in busy area like city center or airport be available in evening hours and weekends in our platform with definitely competitive rate. There are also individual parking places added in our platform. Of course the “normal” parking places are also available in our platform.

Without our parking solution, you might suffer from the following situations.


1. Difficult of park a car in rush hours: music festival, football matches, fairs and exhibitions, etc

2. Difficult of park a car in buzy area: e.g. downtown, airport, stations etc

3. Heavy parking cost, especially in rash hour and busy area

4. Heavy fine if you forget renew your parking time

5. and much more.

Enough already! We are going to solve part of the problems.


How does it work?

The extra parking places are controlled by a parking lock, the owner will schedule the availability and maintain the parking lock. Via our mobile app you can reserve the parking places and open/close the lock. By our platform you benefit the following gains:



1. Easy search extra parking places in busy area and rush time
2. Cheaper rate
3. Online search& Reservation via mobile & PC
4. Control the lock via mobile app or sms
5. Pay with mobile instead of machine. Multi way of payment credit card; paypal, ideal etc
6. A lot of useful tool: the cheapest oil price nearby; Remind for the parking time; Quick locate where the car is


What do you need to do?

1.  Download and install our APP.

2.  Enjoy the convenience and share with friends.

3.  Encourage more parking places’ owner to join our network and you earn commission!