If you own a small company in busy area like city center or airport, you probably have your parking places wasted in evening hours and weekends, less than 40% of the usage rate.  If you are individual resident living in this area, the situation is another way around and your parking places are idle when you went to work.


Without our parking solution, you might suffer from the following situations.


1. Heavy parking cost

2. Actually more than 60% of parking cost is wasted (evening hours and weekends)

3. Illegal parking from others and parking locks are needed.

4. Extra secretary time/communication time to manage the parking locks.

5. Trivial of visitors parking or VIP parking

6. Not sustainable if consideration the difficulties to park in city center in evening hours and weekends.


If parking locks can be controlled by mobile phone, most of the problems above can be solved and a lot of opportunities are created:


1. Accurate manageable multiple parking lots by precise time-slot and position. E.g. you can share a temporary parking lock key via email to your visitors.

2. Less or no parking cost or even earning money if sharing these parking places in evening hours and weekends.

3. No need to reinstall new parking locks and our solutions are compatible with the existing parking facilities.

4. No secretary time/communication time to manage the parking locks

5. Easy management of visitor parking; Monitor illegal parking; schedule the Electrical – Charger parking places

6. Contribute a sustainable society by sharing the idle resources


How does it work

1.  If you don’t have parking locks installed, we can provide the parking locks and software.

2.  If you have parking locks installed already, you can get all your parking lock controlled by mobile phone. What you need is just a parking lock controller and it is plug and play.

3.  If you want to share the parking places in idle time, we have a Airbnb-like platform where the drivers and parking place owners  can share the information. What you need to do is just schedule the idle time and fee-rate you want to charge.


Your cost and rick is minimum

1. Both hardware and software is free if you can share you parking places when idle in our platform.

2. You can get 50% discount price for the hardware and free usage of software.